10-year Treasury yield falls as markets digest Fed rate hike

10-year Treasury note last traded at 3.6946%, down 1 basis point as of 4:12 a.m. ET. It had hit an over 11-year high on Thursday, rising to above 3.71%.
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3 days ago

Elon Musk should provide internet in Iran, lawmakers urge Yellen

A bipartisan group of lawmakers called for the exemption in a tweet on monday. They asked the Treasury to clarify its policies for fostering communications access in sanctioned countries. The u.s. Must do everything in its power to help "the brave Iranians protesting against injustice"
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4 days ago

The Fed Raising Rates Over 5% Wouldn't Be Surprising: Larry Summers

Former Treasury Secretary says the Fed may raise its policy rate as high as 5%. Despite the volatility that could set off in the stock market, the Fed risks making a policy error if doesn't go far enought to contain inflation.
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6 days ago

Stock market news live updates: Stocks sink, Treasury yields surge as Fed meeting gets underway

The benchmark S&P 500 slid 1.2% early into trading, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled by roughly the same percentage, or nearly 400 points. The benchmark U.S. 10-year Treasury remains well above 3.5%, its highest level since 2011, while the 2-year Treasury note is racing toward 4%. Investors will tune in for a speech by Fed Chair Jerome Powell for further clues around the pace and magnitude of future hikes.
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6 days ago

Stocks edge higher on Wall Street after painful sell-off

The benchmark index is coming off its biggest drop since June 2020. Stocks had some of the biggest gains as U.S. Crude oil prices rose 2.2%. The yield on the two-year Treasury rose to 3.76% from 3.75% late Tuesday.
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1 weeks ago

Dollar pushes towards fresh 24-year peak versus yen after US CPI shock

The dollar rose as high as 144.965 yen in the Asian session. It took it close to last Wednesday's high of 144.99, a level not seen since august 1998. The pair surged 1.26% as 10-year Treasury yields climbed to a three-month high.
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1 weeks ago

Morning Bid: Happy Monday

The consumer price inflation report for august will be critical to the Fed's interest rate decision later this month. The two-year Treasury yield on Friday rose to a 15-year high of 3.575% and implied U.S. Interest rates nudged 4%.
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2 weeks ago

Robert Rubin says inflation forecasts are unreliable, but predicts a recession

Former u.s. Treasury secretary says it's a waste of time predicting inflation's future. "the best answer about inflation is: Who the hell knows?" he says. Inflation may be more aggressive than markets are currently expecting it to be.
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2 weeks ago

Liquidity in the US Treasury market represents the biggest systemic risk to stocks since the 2007 housing bubble, BofA says

The risk of falling liquidity and resiliency of US Treasuries could be bigger than the 2007 housing bubble, according to bank of America. A problem is brewing in the US Treasury market as the aggregate amount of capital allocated to market-making has not kept pace with the very rapid growth of marketable Treasury debt outstanding. The central bank is increasing its monthly balance sheet roll-off to $95 billion in September.
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2 weeks ago

Wall Street reaches four-week highs as bond yields drop

The last time the Nasdaq Composite, S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average reached a higher one-day percentage jump was on august 10. Investors doubt this is a long-lasting trend. The 10-year Treasury yield slipped from three-month highs hit earlier in the session.
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2 weeks ago

Wall St steadies as growth stocks climb

Dow 0.17%, S&P 0.21%, Nasdaq 0.34%Sept 7 (Reuters) - Wall Street's main indexes made cautious gains on Wednesday, with growth stocks in the lead. The 10-year Treasury yield slipped after hitting fresh June highs earlier in the session.
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2 weeks ago

US Dollar Surge Threatens APAC Trading as China Lockdowns Weigh on Risk Assets

The benchmark S&P 500 lost 0.41%, while the tech-heavy Nasdaq-100 Index fell 0.72%. A surge in Treasury yields weighed on markets as chances for a 75-basis point FOMC rate hike increased in swap markets. The Japanese Yen is trading at its weakest level against the Dollar since early august.
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2 weeks ago


U.s. Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo says he is hopeful that China and India will join the price cap coalition. Our hope is that countries like china and India would join the coalition to lower the amount of money that Russia makes from oil exports, he said.
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2 weeks ago

Stock market news live updates: Stocks extend losses in downbeat start to September

All three major averages registered their biggest August percentage declines since 2015. The S&P 500 edged down 0.5% and the Dow Jones Industrial Average erased 105 points, or 0.3%. Tech continued to lead the way down, with the Nasdaq Composite sliding 0.9%. The benchmark U.S. 10-year Treasury yield reached 3.257%, its highest level since June.
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3 weeks ago

2-year Treasury yield hits highest level since 2007 as bond selloff continues - MarketWatch

Treasury yields continue to climb on Monday, with the 2-year reaching levels not seen since November 2007. Jerome Powell said the central bank’s “overarching” goal was to bring inflation back to its target of 2%. The remarks disappointed investors who had been hoping Powell might offer signs of a pivot.
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4 weeks ago

Jim Cramer expects the June market lows to hold and mark the bottom

The stock index was down 24% from its all-time highs. He said the market could test June's lows, because there are plenty of reasons to be apprehensive. The 10-year Treasury yield and per-barrel price of crude oil topped out around mid-June.
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1 months ago

Twitter Falls 7.3% After Whistleblower Speaks Out

The S&P 500 dipped 9.26 points, or 0.2%, to 4,128.73 after flipping between small gains and losses through the day. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 154.02 to 32,909.59, and the Nasdaq composite slipped 0.27 to 12381.30. The yield on the 10-year Treasury has climbed back above 3% after starting to 2.60%.
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1 months ago

Markets to open slightly lower on US Fed signals of more rates hikes

SGX Nifty, an early indicator of the market, was down 0.15%. The meeting minutes have given mixed signals and made it difficult to anticipate its next move. Treasury yields rose and equity markets witnessed some losses.
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1 months ago

Treasury yields slip as investors digest recent U.S

The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note was last down 5 basis points at 2.799%, while the 30-year bond traded flat at 3.011%. The previous week brought a raft of economic data, including more positive news on inflation. Still, the Fed has yet to adopt the bond market's apparent outlook that the rate hiking cycle is almost over.
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1 months ago

Janet Yellen calls for combined effort of US-South Korea to curb China's undue market hold

US and South Korea should strengthen trade relations to prevent other nations from taking undue advantage of their market positions, says US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. Yellen has been critical of China's economic ties with Russia and urged the Asian powerhouse to use its special relationship with Moscow to persuade President Vladimir Putin to end the war in Ukraine. She also urged nations to participate in friend-shoring to reduce economic risk.
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2 months ago