Boy, 10, 'shot mother dead after she refused to buy him a virtual reality headset'

10-year-old Wisconsin boy charged as an adult with first-degree reckless homicide. Police initially said he was playing with the gun when it fired, fatally injuring his mother. The boy is said to have a history of disturbing behaviour, including swinging a puppy by its tail when he was four.
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2 days ago

'You obviously need it': Internet reacts as Joe Biden asks if he needs annual physical

Joe Biden jokingly rejected his health concerns after a reporter asked him about the date of his annual physical. Biden clarified that he had apparently gotten part of his physical checkup already out of the way. People have been debating on social media platforms whether he is fit to rule or not.
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1 weeks ago

Aurora borealis lights up sky over highest mountain peak in North America; Internet in awe

The US National Park Service (NPS) took to Instagram to share beautiful pictures of the Aurora Borealis. The highest mountain peak in North America Denali witnessed the majestic greenlights. The National Park Services shared a quote by Super Nintendo Chalmers, a character from the Simpsons. NPS said the Denali is a “great location” for viewing the aurora because it is located at the “far northern latitude and because there is limited light pollution”
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1 weeks ago

Catching flights and phones: Pilot grabs passenger's lost mobile through cockpit window

Video of Southwest Airlines' customer service video went viral on social media. Airline posted it on Facebook with a hashtag of World Kindness Day. The video features ground staff jumping to grab the phone of a passenger who had left it at the terminal during the boarding procedure. The clip has garnered a whopping 587,000 views and over 1400 comments.
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2 weeks ago

'Transparency questions' raised over MAGA Moms in Florida's book-banning council

The agency hired activists to ban books from children's curricula. This is the latest move in Gov. Ron DeSantis's government to significantly change the school system. The said council of Republican activists was recruited per a memorandum.
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1 months ago

Malaysian wildlife traffickers hit with US sanctions

The sanctions deny Teo Boon Ching and others access to any property or financial assets held in the U.S. Between 2014 and 2018 seizures of pangolin scales have increased 10-fold. The united states considers wildlife trafficking a critical conservation concern, but also a threat to global security.
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1 months ago

Ex-US Prez Donald Trump considered firing Ivanka & Jared Kushner on Twitter, claims book

New book 'Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America' by new york Times reporter Maggie Haberman obtained by CNN ahead of its release. The then-President was stopped by his then-Chief of Staff John Kelly who advised him to first have a conversation with them directly.
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2 months ago

Biden's 'she was 12, I was 30' remark leaves internet bemused; 'What was the context?'

The video of Biden's remarks at the event went viral on the internet. Netizens took to the comments section to react to the remarks. He said that the us is at an inflection point.
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2 months ago