Putin's troops fail river crossing bid; Russia bombards homes in Donbas

Putin's troops fail river crossing bid; Russia bombards homes in Donbas. Ukrainian Air Force claims to have destroyed 11 Russian aerial assets. If true, it would mean that Russian forces have failed to cross a river in Ukraine for the 2nd time. Meanwhile, Russian troops destroyed 23 houses in the region, said Ukrainian military.
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Putin ‘Very Ill With Blood Cancer’ Says Oligarch Close To Him, Reveals...

Reports suggest that Vladimir Putin is 'very ill' with blood cancer. Russian oligarch blamed Putin for destroying several economies single-handedly by invading Ukraine. He further went on to add that Putin suffers from a ‘problem in his head’ The Russian president may have been ill even before declaring ‘military operation’ in Ukraine.
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Amid Russian invasion, volunteers in Ukraine's Dnipro warzone regroup to...

Dnipro has been a hub for Ukrainians fleeing war and humanitarian aid. Many buildings have been damaged by Russian missile attacks in the city. Organizations in Ukraine have been providing people with shelter, food, and other basic necessities. Citizens of Ukraine are not safe in their own residences as Russia has intensified bombing.
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NATO assures Ukraine open-ended military support against Russia

Finland jettisoned decades of military non-alignment, redrawing the balance of power in Europe. Sweden's ruling party said it was in favour of joining NATO just hours after Finland's announcement. Russia announced air strikes in the east and in Lviv in the west as Western intelligence predicted its campaign in eastern Ukraine would stall.
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Morning brief: Ukraine says it destroyed 11 Russian aerial assets

Ukraine says it destroyed 11 Russian aerial assets, thwarted crossing of river. Sweden will submit application to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Sweden has officially announced that it will submit its application to NATO. The U.S. Witnessed two mass shootings within 48 hours, one of which was confirmed as racially motivated.
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Ukraine's military commander seeks help from Elon Musk; says 'It is...

Ukrainian military commander Serhiy Volyna has reached out to billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He has been trapped inside the besieged Azovstal style steel plant in Mariupol. Tweeting in English, the Ukrainian commander said, Elon Musk, people say you come from another planet to teach people to believe in the impossible.
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Russia's COVID-19 tally worsens as Putin continues redirecting resources to Ukraine

Russia’s COVID-19 case tally grew by 4,956 last day, taking the tally to 18,260,293. The country has been reeling from a sharp decline in population pertaining to coronavirus deaths. Now, as the Putin administration continues to send healthy men to the Ukrainian battlefield.
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Blinken discusses Ukraine war, Iran nuke deal with German, UK counterparts in Berlin

US State Secretary Antony Blinken engaged in comprehensive joint discussions with his German, French, and UK counterparts over an array of prevailing issues. The leaders emphasised the need for continued response among allies and partners against the brutal Russian war. They deliberated over joint efforts to reach a deal in mutual return to full JCPOA implementation.
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LIC Debut puts millions of small investors' faith to test

Life Insurance Corporation of India is the country’s biggest listing. The stock starts trading Tuesday at a time when markets are being roiled by the fallout of Ukraine and rising interest rates. Of the 21 Indian state-run companies that debuted in the stock market since 2010, half are still trading below their issue price.
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Ukraine war LIVE updates: Russia shells 23 settlements in Donbas

NATO Secretary of State Antony Blinken met with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba on Sunday. The two leaders discussed security and economic assistance for Kyiv. Thousands of people have been killed in the war and several others have been injured in the conflict. Thousands have fled the war-torn country, with several people fleeing the fighting.
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Ukraine says it destroyed 11 Russian aerial assets, thwarted crossing of river

Ukrainian Air Force says it targeted and destroyed 11 Russian aerial assets on May 15. If true, it would mean that Russian forces have failed to cross a river in Ukraine for the second time. Anti-aircraft missiles shot down two cruise missiles, three Orlan-10 UAVs, and one Ka-52 helicopter.
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Russia losing momentum, says NATO as small wins buoy Ukraine: Report

Ukraine can win this war, NATO General-Secretary Jens Stoltenberg said, during a virtual address to the military bloc's informal meeting in Berlin. Finland and Sweden acted on their long-awaited plan to join NATO membership despite strong Russian opposition. The Russian war in Ukraine has changed the security landscape in Europe, thus, leaving them no option but to scrap its age-old non-alliance status.
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Pentagon chief apprises Ukrainian counterpart about call with Russian...

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin spoke with Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov on Sunday. Austin and Reznikov spoke about the situation in war-ravaged Ukraine and Kyiv's military requirements. Discussion between Austin & Shoygu didn't appear to signify shift in Moscow's Ukraine war strategy.
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Blinken avers NATO aligned to support democracy of Ukraine, upholds...

US State Secretary Antony Blinken said all 30 NATO allies are committed to supporting a democratic, independent, and sovereign Ukraine. He also lauded the strength and resilience displayed by the Ukrainian citizens in the three-month-long running war. US and its partners are also aligned over providing Ukraine as strong a handbags possible on the battlefield, and at any negotiating table.
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NATO Pledges Open-ended Military Support for Ukraine Against Russia, Chief...

The promise comes after Finland jettisoned decades of military non-alignment for a bulwark against Russia. Sweden's ruling party said it was in favour of joining NATO just hours after Finland’s announcement. Russia announced air strikes in the east, as well as in Lviv, near the Polish border in the west.
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Rajnath highlights India’s rising global stature, lays stress on self-reliance

Lucknow MP was speaking at the annual function of the Jan Kalyan Mahasamiti at Gomti Nagar Extension. Rajnath Singh said the World Health Organisation (WHO) has applauded India’s approach to the Covid pandemic. Even the United States had felt the impact of Covid and Ukraine crisis, he said.
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Small wins buoy Ukraine; West says Russians losing momentum

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Ukraine can win this war but the alliance must continue to give the country military support. Finland decided to seek NATO membership as top diplomats from the Western alliance met in Berlin. Sweden's governing party plans to announce its position on applying to join NATO later Sunday.
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NATO Foreign Ministers discuss Finland, Sweden's membership amid war in Ukraine

Finland and Sweden's decision to join North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) has been supported by the members of the alliance. At the meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers in Berlin, the ministers discussed the two Nordic country's desire to join NATO. Germany's foreign minister Annalena Baerbock stated that Finland and Finland were already members of NATO in essence, but that the official membership card was needed.
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Egypt to Buy 500,000 Tonnes of Wheat from India -supply Minister

Egypt’s government has agreed to buy half a million tonnes of wheat from India. India announced a ban on wheat exports on Saturday amid a scorching heat wave that has curtailed domestic production and driven up domestic prices. Egypt is looking for alternatives to Black Sea grain exports which face disruptions caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
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