YouTube Music may finally pick up a feature Spotify has had for years

Song credits have been a long-requested feature by YouTube Music subscribers. It's been available on rival services like Spotify and Tidal. Songwriters have accused many of leading music streaming services of failing to give due credit to artists behind the songs played on their respective platforms.
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YouTube Music's new update can auto-download recently played songs: Report

The new recently played songs toggle can be found in Settings > Downloads and storage for those with a Premium subscription. It is independent of the existing smart downloads feature, which goes up to 500 songs and is based on music deemed to be favourites.
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YouTube Music opens Listening Room with a free 1 year subscription in return for feedback - news

Listening room is a discord channel for users to give feedback on early access features. Anyone can apply and they'll need to answer a questionnaire about their musical type and their subscription of choice. The requirements are that you have to be a lover of music, give regular feedback through conversations and polls.
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1 months ago

Blackpink Lisa is first K-pop soloist to earn 200 million views on YouTube Music, Blinks proud

LISA of the popular K-pop girl band BLACKPINK continues to break records as just an artiste. Lisa authoritatively exceeded 200 million marginal views on YouTube Music on November 27 only with three primary music videos posted under her name. The popular group consists of total of 4 talented girls Lisa, Rose, Jennie and Jisoo.
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3 months ago